I have my own studio with 5.1 surround sound mixing room and foley/recording room. Mixing room is calibrated to Dolby's recommendations. The calibration is checked at least once a year.

In the studio’s heart runs Samplitude Pro X3 Suite with EBU- and ITU-standards.

All necessary ADR, voiceover and almost all Foley recordings are easily and quickly done at the studio.


Checklist for sound projects:

- Projects must be delivered via cloud service or on a memory card, flash drive or hard drive.

- Audio files in wav-format (96kHz/24/16bit, 48kHz/24/16bit or 44.1kHz/24/16bit).

- Pre-cut sound projects in OMF/ AAF -files, including at least 3 second handles.

- For music mastering, remove master channel processing before exporting and leave headroom around -6dBFS.